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MiniTrek LT-710

Ever left your mobile phone, bag, or camera at a public place like  a cafe before? Only to realise too late after it's been missing along with all your address book, years of photos, and personal information? This is where Lintek's MiniTrek series can save you from those inconvenient times! But this time with Trident Direction technology to point to you in the right direction to speed your findings up a bit.

Using the latest in Digital RF technology, the MiniTrek LT-710 senses and alerts you when a distance of 8~16m is reached between the Tracker and the Transmitter. This triggers the 75dB alarm in the Tracker, thereby alerts you to Track down the Transmitter to a range of up to 100m . The Transmitter will also alert you in the event of the Tracker being lost or forgotten.

In simple terms, if your mobile phone has a MiniTrek LT710 attached, you can elimnate the chance of leaving it behind unintentionally  and having it available for theft.

Unlike the MiniTrek LT700, the LT710 has smart "Trident detection" for directional detections making your life easier as it'll point at the approximate direction of your missing goods,

This is also particularly useful for times when you cannot find your key or mobile phone round home and can create efficiency in life.

NOTE:  Under new battery stage, alarm will be 75dB or higher, Direction detection accuracy depends on environmental surroundings.

Lintek Radio Frequency mini Tracker with direction indicator

Product Demo

  • Prevent Loss of Valuables
  • Distance Detection
  • Trident LED for direction & distance indication
  • SWAROVSKI Crystal for accesorizing
  • Alarm activation when valuables are forgotten or lost 
  • Small discreet size
  • Multi-application for mobile phone, notebooks, electronic products and much more.
  • Sleep mode for longer lasting battery