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Petrek PetFinder LR


Would you like to be able to track down your pet in the neighborhood with a small tracking remote?

Petrek has been monitoring and mapping suburban cats for over 2 years and  have found 90% of cats in suburban areas tend to travel anywhere from 50 metres to 400 metres on average away from home depending on their age.

Lintek’s Petrek PetFinder LR (Long Range) is an improved version of our popular PetFinder Radio Frequency based tracker. This third generation since the original Petrek LT-902 offers a significantly greater tracking range of up to 300 metres which suits the majority of suburban cats.



The New PetFinder LR is a Radio Frequency based tracker consisting of a remote unit and a transmitter tag that easily attaches onto your pet’s collar. Finding your pet couldn’t be easier!

In the unfortunate case of losing sight of your pet, the PetFinder LR can help track your pet within a range of up to 300 metres. When searching for your lost pet, simply turn on your PetFinder tracking device and start walking around the areas you feel your pet might have wandered to. When you walk to an area within 300 metres tracking range of your lost pet, your PetFinder device will immediately alert you within seconds. The closer you get to your pet, the faster and higher pitched the PetFinder device will sound. If you are out of range, simply keep walking to different areas, if within the 300m range it will re-connect.

The tracking remote offers you one simple button which you can press to track your pet. Hold to mute the remote and find your pet by the subtle beeps coming from the tag on their collar especially when they are close by and hiding.

For ordering or more information please go to our Petrek website.


  • Prevent Loss of your cat or dogs
  • Smart tracking rhythm
  • Led Signal light for direction detection
  • Small discreet size
  • Multi-application for mobile phone, notebooks, electronic products and much more.
  • Sleep mode for longer lasting battery