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EyeSecure LT-325

The Lintek EyeSecure LT-325 is an affordable dual lens GPS Camera with the worlds first dual USB integration to give you the biggest storage in the market and up to 200 hours of recording.  With it's built-in high quality camera, night vision, G-Force sensor, and live GPS mapping this is the ultimate evidence recorder.

Eliminate the need to go to court, or be accused of being in the wrong. The EyeSecure will provide you with full facts of any situation, where, when, how and why via a simple usb stick.(included)

A software will be provided also giving access only to authorised authorities. This means even with the USB and all its contents extracted the highly encrypted file will be useless unless they have the right encryption software which is only exclusively supplied by Lintek.

Perfect for personal use on the race track right up to monitoring rubbish trucks this is the best solution with no monthly costs.

The Lintek EyeSecure series is built with the most high quality components fully complied by the FCC, CE and ROHS International standards and is used widely across Europe, America and Asia.


Product Demo